Staying Connected in the Virtual World May Seem Distant… Until Now.

FHTvirtual was created with ISC21’s international sponsors in mind, so virtual participation will only seem distant. Our platform provides our international partners with the opportunity to continue to invite their guests to the International Stroke Conference 2021 with a customized platform which directly connects to the main Annual Meeting.

FHTvirtual’s team has extensive experience in working with international groups at medical conventions. The service our international partners have come to expect from FHT will be readily available as though the event were taking place onsite.

With a dedicated team located in the United States and Europe, our partners can expect focus and dedication in making the virtual experience for invited participants a great success.

Your Portal to Community

FHTvirtual powered by Cadence is a platform that is designed specifically for international sponsors to connect with your invited guests to the International Stroke Conference 2021, inviting them to a world of information, education, connection and community building.

The platform has many features that are fully customizable to ensure the experience is one that best suits your organization’s needs.

TO ISC 2021






Additional Available Features Include






Live Feed



In Person vs. Virtual

This platform was designed to take in consideration all activities in which international sponsored groups may take part or experience during their in-person participation at the annual meeting and converting it into a virtual environment providing as close an experience as possible to be onsite.

Invitation / Registration

Sponsor Presentations

Travel / Transportation

Networking Events

One-on-One Functions

Convention Participation

The Process

The team at FHT is here to support you every step of the way from concept to execution.  
Below are the steps we will take on the journey to building your virtual community at the ISC21

Step One – Qualification

While we welcome all international sponsors to join the International Stroke Conference by inviting guests through this platform, first we must ensure that sponsors are qualified to do so. In order to utilize this service, your company must be registered as an exhibitor in the virtual trade show of the main convention. If you have not yet registered your interest in the main event, please contact ISC through their website at to learn about the multiple opportunities there are for sponsoring the 2021 virtual convention.

Step Two – Conceptual Design

You will be working hand-in-hand with your dedicated project manager from start to finish. As part of this we begin with a conceptual design of your platform, first discussing the goals and objectives to determine what you hope to get out of the experience. We do not want you to just sign up for the sake of signing up, we want to ensure you get a return on your investment.

Our team is dedicated to working with you to create a platform that meets your exact needs, selecting and designing the components that will be used in your platform.

Step Three – Platform Design

Once your concept has been developed, it’s time to make it come to life! Our team will take your ideas, preferences, branding, and all of the other great components and build them out to provide you with your custom designed platform! You do not have to worry about coding or designing or doing anything except giving us your excellent input and ideas! We will make the magic come to life!

Step Four – Platform Review

Once our team has completed the first round of platform design, we will present it to your team for review and to make any adjustments as needed. As soon as the review process is complete from the design standpoint, we get to work on making the platform come to life through some technical magic!

Step Five – Content Development

In addition to creating the atmosphere for your platform, we are dedicated to supporting you in content development. As professional meeting designers, we work with our clients to create the full experience which includes ensuring that the content provided is delivered in the most effective manner possible. Through the multiple features our platform provides, we will assist you with the creation of presentations, networking programs, one-on-one appointment scheduling and operations and much more.

During this process our team will also be liaising with the content team of ISC21 in order to ensure that all activities will meet the approval and standards as set by the association, just as though programming was being done during the in-person event.

IMPORTANT Disclaimers that must be included with any internal content:

“This event is not part of the official International Stroke Conference as planned by the ISC21 Programming Committee.”  

“The International Stroke Conference does not endorse any commercial products or programs. The links provided within this site are for convenience only, and are not an endorsement of either the linked-to entity, product or service.”

Step Six – Invitations & Registration

Now that your platform is ready to go, the invitations can be sent to your invited guests. We work with your team to review the list of invited participants and develop the login credentials that will be used for them to access the platform in a manner that is unique to them. At the same time, we will work with the registration team at ISC in order to register your guests to the main virtual convention so they will have access to the main event and the ability to log in only through your platform.

Step Seven – The Big Day(s)!

All the hard work has led up to this moment… it’s time to begin your event! But not to worry, our team will be with you throughout the process. Your project manager as well as a team of technical concierges will be available in real time to support your needs for your programs. Just as you can rely on us onsite to be there to ensure your guests have an excellent experience, we are just a click away in the platform or even a simple phone call.

We want your experience to be focused on your guests, not on any issues that may arise, so we will be there to keep the platform performing at its pique and making sure that your guests have no issues in attending your sessions or the International Stroke Conference 2021.

Step Eight – The Wrap-Up

Once the program is complete, we don’t just disconnect (in fact your platform may be available for as long as you need it!). We provide you with important information and data that could be useful to ensure that your virtual experience was worth the time, effort and investment. We will provide you with reports on the attendance, one-on-one appointments, material downloads and other key information in order for your team to assess the value of the full experience and plan for your next program.

The Workflow


Much like international sponsors can expect during their in-person attendance at the International Stroke Conference 2021, there are a few rules set by ISC21 as related to the use of the FHTvirtual platform when inviting guests to take part in the virtual convention. Please review below and let us know if there are questions regarding any of these points.


Only international sponsors whose company who has registered as part of the main International Stroke Conference 2021 trade show or as a sponsor may make use of the FHTvirtual platform.


Facilitated meetings and events must not conflict with the official ISC21 programming or industry events which will take place from March 17-19, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. CST daily


Invited guests who will take part in the platform must be registered for the International Stroke Conference. ISC21 is providing a special rate for full access to the virtual ISC21 which includes one year of membership to the AHA/ASA


Prior to confirming the presentations which will be given within the platform, content must be approved by the team at ISC21 in order to ensure that there is no conflict of educational materials with the main virtual conference presentations and must include the necessary disclaimers provided by ISC21 (as noted in Process Step 5 – Content Development).


The purpose of the platform is to stay connected with your locally invited guests. As such any content or materials provided should remain focused on the market represented


Invited guests will only be allowed to participate through one sponsor platform and will not be permitted to participate through multiple sponsor platforms.

(Y)Our Team

Between the teams at FHTvirtual and Cadence, you can be assured to have support at anytime no matter where you may be. So where is our team located? Take a look below!

Americas/APAC Operations

Americas/APAC Operations

EU / Africa / APAC Operations

EU / Africa / APAC Operations

Technical Support

Technical Support

Contact us

Please reach out to us with questions or interest using the form or our contact information below.


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